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The word Indigo has its origin from the Latin word ‘Indicum’ meaning blue dye from India. Indigofera Tinctoria is a sub-tropical plant which yields Indigo. Other Indigo bearing plants such as word Isatis Tinctoria grow in the temperate regions and the dye content is very low. These plants are used these days for the manufacture of Indigo hair colour.
Indigo in India
In India Indigo is used to colours clothes. It has been used since the ancient times, vegetable dyes and natured dyes are extracted from Indigo.

Indigo Powder for Hair

Indigo Powder is also known as Neel and Wasma. Indigofera is Latin for “indigo bearing” and its botanical name is Indigofera tinctoria. Indigo is a deciduous shrub, It grows in subtropical regions and temperate areas of India and requires plenty of light. Indigo is grown from seed and is harvested bi-annually. Indigo plant grows to one to two meters high with small green leaves and purple colour flowers. The mature plants are cut off just above the soil, and allowed to dry in the open fields for three or four days. The leaves are collected, crushed and stored. The crushed leaves are pulverized to a powder. Indigo is an ancient dye plant known for the clarity and fastness of the blue colour. This is the dye traditionally used to natural hair colours.
Our Indigofera tinctoria is a natural dye from Indigo Powder. We use indigo powder to naturally deepen the intensity of our herbal hair colours. Indigo oxidizes when exposed to air and water so when the hair colour is mixed with hot water ready for use the indigo is activated.
Direction for uses on hair:
Soak Indigo Powder in water at 50deg Celsius to make an applicable paste. Apply the paste immediately on hair. Put on surgical gloves to save your hands from stains. Divide your hair in four sections & apply paste on each from root to top evenly. Give 3 hours time. Rinse off thoroughly and use hair dryer for 10-15 minutes to get better results. 

Please note that the colours applied on the hair takes 48 hours to darken. So the final colour is obtained after 48 hours.
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